Our Story

Welcome to Kippies – where every achievement is a testament to the resilience and positivity of female athletes.

Let me tell you about Kippies 💕

Hey there! I'm Joey, and I've got the sweet scoop on Kippies! 🌈✨ Picture this: twelve-year-old me, asking my mom, 'How about creating stuff for awesome girl athletes that not only smells amazing but actually does the job?' And you know what? We dove into action, teaming up with magical manufacturers to whip up a whole lineup of health, wellness, gear, and more – all specially crafted to meet our needs! 🚀💖 Let the Kippies adventure begin! 🌟🎀

Get ready for a pampering session like no other! At Kippies, we've mixed up a potion of natural ingredients and essential oils that'll have your hands, muscles, feet, and whole body feeling like they've been hugged by a cloud of pure awesomeness! 🌈🥰 Bid farewell to the days of achy muscles, sore feet, and ripped palms – because Kippies is here to cater to your needs!

But wait, there's more than just feeling fantastic – it's about smelling fantastic too! Our exclusive Kippies formula is like a sweet vanilla ice cream hug, giving you confidence and relief in every delightful scent.

We're all about you, the fabulous gymnast with a unique set of needs. That's why Kippies is on a mission to create a brand that gets you – from the mat to your everyday adventures. You deserve to be fabulous, both in your flips and your scents!

So, gear up to tumble, kip, and flip with Kippies – where fabulous young girls sports and delicious scents go hand in hand! 🤸‍♀️✨