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MUSCLE HUSTLE Relief Roll-on

MUSCLE HUSTLE Relief Roll-on

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Sore and achy?

 Our all star ingredients can help!

ALOE LEAF JUICE - soothes and calms skin

WITCH HAZEL - protects against inflammation and skin irritation

CAMPHOR OIL - relieves muscle and joint soreness and stiffness, improves circulation

PEPPERMINT OIL - cools the skin and helps ease inflammation

ARNICA MONTANA FLOWER TINCTURE - anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, helps in relieving muscle soreness

CHAMOMILE - antioxidant that accelerates skin and tissue renewal, relaxes muscles

TEA TREE OIL - antioxidants act as an antiseptic

CLOVE STEM OIL - antimicrobial that alleviates muscle soreness

POSITIVITY - girl, you got this!

2.0 FL OZ (59 mL)

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